Independent Expenditure

In 2012, donors spent millions on independent efforts, and all too often had little to show for their money.  That’s because many independent expenditure campaigns are out-of-touch with the ongoing race, ineffective in their communications, or even counter-productive to the intended beneficiary.

Our team has a high level of success conducting independent efforts because, before launching any communication, we seek to understand the race in detail.  That includes:

  • Understanding the District – Conducting a complete analysis of voting trends, regional and demographic considerations, influential local issues, etc.
  • Understanding the Campaigns – Collecting as much publicly available information, as allowed by independent expenditure laws, on the campaigns involved, including ongoing communications, issue messaging, volunteer activities, and online efforts.
  • Complimenting Ongoing Activity – Ensuring that independent communications augment the ongoing public messaging of the target beneficiary, rather than competing against that campaign’s communications for limited voter attention or delivering counter messages that contradict the candidate’s ongoing messaging.