Grass Roots Cultivation

Voters place a premium on face-to-face contact with real people.  A strong grass roots effort can provide the margin for victory in a close election, or provide the broad-based pressure needed to influence government policy.

Our team takes grass roots planning seriously, building workable plans and measurable goals for recruitment and training of volunteers.  We also use effective targeting and tactics to place volunteers in front of the right voters with the right message.

Over the past decade, our campaigns fielded thousands of volunteers targeting high priority voters, including under-performing base voters, high propensity swing voters, absentee ballot holders, multi-voter households, and many others.

  • Volunteer cultivation and training
  • Grass roots development for issue-based causes and interaction
  • Organization of E-Captains and Internet based volunteers
  • Coalition building
  • Grass roots based earned media, rallies, and demonstrations
  • Organization and deployment of precinct operations
  • Organization and implementation of volunteer phone operations